A One-year-old is showing the way

By on December 3, 2013


This may sound unrealistic to some. This may sound an exaggeration for some others. How can a one year old show the way???? But it is true!!!! It is happening!!!! And it is happening in our own country, India!!!! It is happening in Delhi!!!!

Yes, you guessed it right. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is just one year old and it is showing the way to all others in the Indian Political Scenario. When the discussions for the formation of a new party was round the corner, many opinioned that this party will be “born dead”.

Finally, on 26th November, 2012 the baby was born and was named Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Many predicted that the baby was born premature and will not survive too long. It will have to be kept in the “Neo Natal Care Unit” and monitored on a day to day basis. But to the surprise of all, the baby was thrown into the public and the people of this country took care of this baby by ushering all its affection and love for it.

There is a lot of similarity between the birth of Lord Krishna and Aam Aadmi Party. We all have heard of Kamsa, the King of Mathura, whose greed for power and wealth forced him to engage in evil activities. The epic legend says that in a prophecy, Kamsa was told that he will be killed by his own nephew. So he tried all means to eliminate his nephew, Lord Krishna, but never succeeded. The end is known to all of us. Kamsa was killed by Lord Krishna and truth and honesty prevailed.

Similarly, the present political leaders of the country were told in a prophecy that very soon a new Political Party of the “people of this country” will come into existence and that will be the beginning of your downfall. This prophecy shook the “power hungry and greedy” politicians and they started all the dirty tricks up their sleeve to eliminate their terminator. But just like what happened in the case of Lord Krishna and Kamsa, the writing on the wall is clear. The end will be the same.

What is making the “age old”, “established” party to feel so jittery about the new one on the block? It is nothing else but Honesty, Truthfulness, Selflessness, Dedication and Sincerity. AAP is built on these pillars. When the party decided to contest the Delhi Assembly elections, the first question thrown to them was, how will you contest election without money and muscle power? AAP said, it has truth and sincerity on its side. These two powerful weapons are enough to fight the elections. It was an unimaginable phenomenon to the people that election could be fought with clean money and without muscle power.

AAP showed the way. It showed, if the people of this country get united, nothing is impossible. The people of this country equipped AAP to contest the Assembly Elections in Delhi. Each and every penny has come as a donation from the hard earned money of those patriotic Indians who want to see a change. They have complete trust in AAP and they see a ray of hope in AAP.

Second hurdle was, how will AAP find candidates to contest in elections? It is an accepted fact that elections are contested by criminals and goons. Here again, AAP had a different stand. AAP decided that it will contest in elections by putting up clean, honest and sincere candidates. For the first time in our country, the candidates were selected by the people whom he/she has to represent. It was not selected by a high command or a closed group inside a closed room. The selection process happened in the open, in front of all the people. This was another trend setter.

Now, the political parties in the country are feeling the heat. This one-year-old is leaving the veterans far behind. They are not able to match AAP in any of its strongholds – Honesty, Truthfulness, Integrity, Selflessness. However they may try, they know they cannot even reach 10% of where AAP stands today. So they have adopted an easy way out – try to mislead people by showing that AAP is also “like them”. Tainted, corrupt, unscrupulous, unethical with no integrity. But unfortunately each and every attempt by them to show AAP in bad light has fallen flat on their own face and AAP has emerged stronger after each and every such episode.

This one-year-old has already left others far behind and is showing them the way. If they all decide to follow the way shown by this little kid-on-the-block, good for them. Or else they should await for the same end as that of Kamsa.

Jai Hind!!!!!!

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