Aam Aadmi Party accuses political rivals of damaging hoardings in the capital

By on November 13, 2013

The Aam Aadmi Party has accused its political rivals have resorted to “cheap tactics” of damaging their hoardings in the capital. The party is also alleging that autorickshaw drivers displaying its posters on their vehicles were being harassed by Delhi Police.


“AAP hoardings had been put up at over 200 public utilities across the capital and more than 50% of these have been either torn off or damaged. They were placed legally after securing all permissions. AAP is being targeted since similar hoardings and posters of other political parties in the same locations are intact,” an AAP spokesperson said.

“We have taken all clearances for our posters to be pasted behind autorickshaws. But the autorickshaw drivers who have put AAP posters on their vehicles are being harassed by the authorities, especially Delhi Police. In many cases, these drivers were

fined even though they had all their papers in order,” AAP said.

“In many cases, drivers of autos, which have put AAP posters, have been fined even when they have all necessary papers. In a couple of cases, the drivers were challaned for showing AAP posters on their vehicles. This is a clear violation of directions issued by the EC which has clarified that autorickshaws can display AAP posters. We have complained to the EC,” AAP spokesperson said.

Aam Aadmi Party claims to have received over 3,000 complaints, in person and online, from autorickshaw drivers. “We condemn all these cheap tactics by the other political parties. They are resorting to such methods as they have nothing to present to the people of Delhi. “AAP won’t be deterred by such tactics and continue its efforts of reaching out to all people in Delhi,” the spokesperson added.

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