Aam Aadmi Party announced three more candidates for Delhi Assembly

By on September 23, 2013


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) announced two SDMC councilors, who were formerly associated with BJP and Congress, will be candidates for the Vikas Puri and Uttam Nagar Assembly seats in the Delhi polls.

Mahinder Yadav, current councilor in the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), will be candidate from Vikas Puri, Deshraj Raghav, an independent councilor in SDMC, will be the AAP candidate for the Uttam Nagar seat, and Veena Anand, a social worker, will be candidate from Patel Nagar seat.

Mahinder Yadav was associated with BJP for over a decade and was also general secretary of the party’s OBC Cell. He actively participated in Anna Hazare’s agitation at Jantar Mantar and Ramlila Ground here. He quit BJP in 2012 to contest the municipal elections as an independent candidate.

Deshraj Raghav had a long association with Congress and even held the post of general secretary of the party’s Najafgarh district chapter. He left the party last year and won in the municipal polls as an independent candidate.

Veena Anand is a social worker. She is Vice President of Delhi Vikas Sanstha, and President of Mahila Vikas Sanstha.

Aam Aadmi Party has announced a total of 56 candidates for 70 Delhi Assembly seats.


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    hemen parekh

    September 24, 2013 at 10:58 am

    Silence the Critics / Disarm Them !

    Why does any mention of Gujarat Model of development , immediately invites a lot of critics ?
    Why does it create an allergic reaction , even amongst other BJP-ruled states ? And certainly amongst BJP leaders from other states ?
    Such allergy and criticism from Congress and its allies is quite understandable , but nothing to worry about
    What Narendra Modi – and his staunch supporters , must ask themselves is :

    “ By making too much noise about Gujarat Model , are we rubbing it in too hard ?
    Are we projecting ourselves as “ holier – than – thou “ ?
    By endless repetition of Gujarat story are we alienating , even our ardent admirers ? “

    An emphatic answer is , “ YES “ !

    And this attitude spells bad – very bad – omen for NaMo and his campaign , over the weeks and months to come

    It is high time NaMo and his team start declaring publicly :

    “ Gujarat Model is NOT perfect
    Like any other state , we , in Gujarat too, have corruption / scams / murders / dowry-deaths / suicides of farmers and the jobless / land mafias / illegal mining / malnourished children / school drop-outs / communal tensions , etc
    All that we are saying is that , we have less of these now than what we had 10 years ago – and , in many cases , less than in other states
    We even know that we may never succeed in eliminating these problems completely
    All that we are saying is that , we are acutely conscious of our limitations / shortcomings . We are ashamed of what we do have , and are working very hard to reduce these problems still further
    We are open to any constructive criticism , while admitting that we are bound to have slipped-up , here and there
    We welcome – from friends and foes – sharply-worded specific suggestions as to what we need to do going forward
    We are eager to learn from experiences of other states in tackling the problems of governance – even from currently UPA-ruled states ! “

    I believe , only such candidness on part of NaMo team can win friends and silence the critics
    You need to win over millions of fence-sitters who are suspicious of your tall claims – even fed up of your trumpeting it endlessly !
    Only way you can do so is by giving up your “ High Moral Ground “ ! By placing NaMo on a very tall pedestal , you will make it almost impossible for him to live up to the expectations that you are raising !
    What is so terrible to admit that even Gods have feet of clay ?
    A generous dash of humility will earn you , people’s respect – and their votes

    • hemen parekh ( 22 Sept. 2013 )

  2. Avatar

    hemen parekh

    September 25, 2013 at 5:28 am

    A Tale of Two Countries


     Bo Xilai was a member of Central Politburo of the Chinese Government ( equal to a Central Cabinet Minister in India )

     He was arrested a year back and tried for corruption / taking bribes / misusing official position. Not granted bail ( unheard of in China )

     Trial lasted 5 days – at the end of which , he was convicted , and punished for 20 years of con-current prison terms

     He can appeal but in China , there is no precedence of a higher court setting aside , an order of a lower court !


     Of our 4500 MPs / MLAs , approx 1500 ( 30 % ) , have criminal cases pending against them

     Of these , some 600 have , “ Serious Criminal Cases “ ( murder / rape etc ) pending against them

     A few hundred are already “ Convicted “ and have appealed in higher courts

     All are out on bail and attending Lok Sabha / State Legislatures

     Our Supreme Court considered this ( freedom ) as “ Unconstitutional / Illegal “ and passed an order that MPs / MLAs , who have received punishments of 2 years or more , cannot be granted bail ( even if they have appealed ) and must stay in jail. Neither can they vote , nor contest an election

     Central Government filed a “ Review Petition “ in Supreme Court , which refused to change its earlier ruling

     So , as expected , Central Government decided to bring out an Ordinance to nullify Supreme Court verdict !

    What Next ?

     Within 2 months , Ordinance must be converted into a proper law , by passing it in Lok Sabha

     Since ALL parties have “ Criminal “ MPs / MLAs , you bet , the law will be passed unanimously !

    Voters of India

    The only political party which is not a party to this heinous conspiracy against Democracy and therefore against the People of India , is the Aam Admi Party ( not having a single MP / MLA so far ? )

    Let us vote it to power . That is the only way to test their promise of a corruption-free government

    May be we can still stop this rape of our Motherland !

    • hemen parekh ( 25 Sept 2013 )

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