Aam Aadmi Party appeals government to reduce water, electricity tariffs in Delhi

By on July 15, 2014

“The Aam Aadmi Party appeals to the central government to honour the sentiments of the overwhelming majority in the Delhi assembly while presenting the state’s budget in Parliament, and it should reduce the electricity tariffs by 50% and provide 700 litres of water free for every household,” the AAP said in a statement.

“Since the BJP’s central government has continued with the previous Congress-led UPA government’s decision of keeping the state assembly in suspended animation, and this situation has been continuing for five months now, therefore the view of nearly 90 % of the MLAs cannot be ignored,” the statement added.

The AAP said that both BJP and AAP MLAs were elected on the promise reducing the electricity tariffs in the city. The Aam Aadmi Party implemented both its promises of reducing the electricity tariffs by 50% and providing 700 litres of water free everyday, within 48 hours of coming to power.

The party said that the relief was available to the people of Delhi till the AAP government was in power. After the exit of the AAP government, the UPA government withdraw subsidies given by AAP government.

“The UPA government withdrew the subsidy on electricity and water that was provided by the AAP government, and even the BJP quietly allowed the interim budget to be passed without raising the demand for the restoration of the relief that was given to the people,” the statement said.

“The Congress, which systematically allowed the private power distribution companies (discoms) to raise the electricity tariffs in Delhi during the Sheila Dikshit regime, was not expected to lower these tariffs nor did it make this promise to the people,” AAP said.

“Now, though the BJP-led NDA’s new central government is still hesitant to tell the people whether it wants voters to elect a new state government, it should atleast restore the relief provided by the AAP government to provide some cushion to the people already reeling under the burden of steep price rise,”” the party said.

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