Aam Aadmi Party Donation

By on August 15, 2013


Aam Aadmi Party is using the best of the technology to increase funds. In AAP website, the party is receiving a large amount of donation to spread party’s agenda through hoardings, banners, and posters.

The party is receiving funds from international channel also. Many of the party volunteers are working in UK, Singapore, Australia and US to raise funds to finance the party’s candidature in the Delhi Election 2013.The UK volunteers has raised around 20 lakh INR and expected to raise a crore till November.

The Arvind Kejriwal-led party is requesting people to donate their spare cars, mobile sets, laptops and office furniture, etc., for its 70 offices in Delhi.

The donation list can be obtained through party website.

Aam Aadmi Party Donation List: http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/donation-list

Aam Aadmi Party Website: http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/

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