Aam Aadmi Party – Hope and Aspiration

By on November 26, 2013


I hope that Aam Aadmi Party does not just make a difference in the coming elections. I hope that they get a majority and form the government in Delhi. I hope that this win gives them such a boost that they participate in National elections due next year and make a remarkable debut in the Parliament.

Do I sound novice? Almost childish? I might, but that is the kind of hope that AAP has given me. The almost school-boyish enthusiasm that the AAP members show in changing the system is a gust of fresh air in the now stagnant and decaying system. They feel that they can change the system; no, actually they BELIEVE that they WILL change the system. They are the Anurag Kashyaps and Abhishek Kapoors of politics. They are the Howard Roarks and John Galts in flesh and blood. They do not believe in being a part of the dirty politics but believe in working honestly and correctly. They are the mavericks.

I want a respite from both the Congress and the BJP. Sadly there are only two parties with national foot-print in a nation of more than a hundred crores. Dynasty rules supreme in a party while religion is the God in the other. While one appeases the minority to secure its vote bank; the other appeases the majority for the same reason. Ironically, both accuse each other of being communal. Both of them are sufficiently funded by private companies and multi-nationals and hence collectively reject the proposal of bringing the functioning of political parties under RTI. The PM of a party is so timid that he hardly has any control over his men and the leader of the other is belligerent.

And what are the issues they fight over – whether Nehru was present at Patel’s funeral? For God’s sake spare the Nehrus and the Patels. They did their best to give you an India you can be proud of. They worked as a team; they played the role assigned to them with perfection. They were humans and might have committed a few mistakes but they did their best. History was being written and they led the nation from the front. Today people are abusing Mahatma Gandhi. Show me one person in the entire history who could command the respect of so many people and non-violently direct their uncontrolled anger towards their rulers. The fathers or grand-fathers of today’s leaders (and their followers) were probably sitting with Gandhi on an “anshan” those days. They were not acting as a political party but as freedom fighters. They played their part and it is time to play ours. Let Nehru, Gandhi, Patel, Shastri and the others rest in peace. I am proud of my country and the people who fought for its freedom. Please do not insult them by dragging them in your slug-fest.

I definitely want a change but not a communal force that will drive wedge between the different communities of India. At least the Congress puts up a pretense of being secular; the BJP does not even pretend to do so. The parties want votes at whatever cost it comes. Why am I made to feel that I have a choice when there is none? I do not want the BJP or the Congress at the center. If that means a Third or Fourth front at the center without the support of either Congress or BJP, so be it. If that means that there will be political instability for a few days, let there be. Let the decay be complete for a new seed to take root. Let the likes of AAP rise.

For the greater good of democracy, let the corrupt parties like Congress and BJP collapse and then rebuild their houses, find eligible leaders and mend their agenda.

AAP is not just a political experiment, it is a challenge to the brokers of my hopes and dreams that the common man can make a difference; and he will make a difference. It is a befitting reply to the belligerence and unashamed acts of corruption and intricate yet extensive web of lies and deceit that the current genre of politicians have spread.

Here is to the change. Here is to the Aam Aadmi. Here is to the Aam Aadmi Party.

Posted by Kumar Rahul

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