Aam Aadmi Party met its target of Rs 20 crores to fight Delhi Elections

By on November 17, 2013


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Sunday announced that it has received donations amounting to Rs.20 crore, meeting its target for contesting the Delhi assembly elections.

Kejriwal tweeted that “Your party needed Rs 20 crores to fight Delhi elections. We have met that target. We don’t need any more money for Delhi elections.”

Kejriwal thanked its donors in the tweet saying: “A big thank u to all donors. This is their clean hard earned money, which I am sue, will go a long way in cleaning up Indian politics. Friends, ur party doesn’t need any more money for Delhi elections. Thanks so much.”

Kejriwal filed his nomination papers from New Delhi constituency for the upcoming Delhi Assembly Election 2013 on Saturday.

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