Aam Aadmi Party raised 18 issues for Congress and BJP

By on December 14, 2013

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Saturday sought 10 days from Delhi Lt Governor Najeeb Jung to decide on government formation.

AAP rules out taking ‘unconditional support’ from Congress and BJP. “Nobody gives unconditional support to anyone without any reason. There must be some reason that both parties are in a hurry to extend their support to us for free, what are their intentions,” Kejriwal told reporters.

Jung said he will submit a “factual” report to President Pranab Mukherjee following his meeting with the AAP.

Arvind Kejriwal sent letters to the Rajnath Singh and Sonia Gandhi to know their stand on 18 issues for the betterment of Delhi people.

Highlights of issues raised by AAP

1. No VIP Cultures and security to MLAs.

2. Passing of the Janlokpal Bill.

3. People will take decision directly in ‘mohalla sabhas’, which will be held in every locality and colony.

4. Full statehood for Delhi

5. Audit of power companies and reduction of power rates in Delhi

6. Electricity meters should be checked.

7. Availability of Water in Delhi

8. AAP wants unauthorized colonies should be regularized. Thirty percent of Delhi’s population lives in such colonies and these should be regularized.

9. Rehabilitation of Jhuggis

10. It also sought their support to give regular jobs to those working on contractual basis.

11. It wants to give infrastructural facilities like roads, electricity, water and basic facilities to the ordinary trader.

12. No FDI in retail should be allowed in Delhi.

13. The party wants to provide facilities and subsidies to farmers in the villages in the national capital.

14. Opening 500 government schools, stopping donations in private schools and making the fee system transparent.

15. The party said it wanted to open new government hospitals with better facilities.

16. It also wants to have special security units for women and wants all harassment cases to be tackled within three months.

17. It wanted to set up enough courts and appoint judges so that all cases are dealt with within six months.

18. Support from the municipal corporations on all these issues.

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