Aam Aadmi Party to send daily photographs of garbage and litter to the mayors

By on October 13, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Sunday said it would daily send photographs of garbage and litter in the various areas to the mayors of the three municipal corporations in the city.The AAP said it had received around 60,000 photographs on social media — Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. The party has now also started posting these photographs on its website.

“The AAP has told the three mayors that the party supported the Prime Minister’s Clean India Campaign and its volunteers and leaders actively took part in the Shram Dan,” AAP said.

The AAP is of the clear view that the public participation in the cleanliness drive is important for encouragement and awareness, but the final responsibility of the day to day work for keeping Delhi clean is of the MCD.

“People can send their responds to WhatsApp using any of the options, ‘cleaned/not cleaned/don’t know’ on 8588833540,” Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson said.

“The BJP has been ruling the MCD since last seven years and the state of cleanliness is there for all to see, but the AAP is of the view that let’s not squabble over the past and in keeping with the Prime Minister’s call, let there be a policy of zero tolerance against unclean Delhi,” the party statment said.

The AAP will continue to monitor the work of garbage cleaning across the city and will encourage photographs to show what is the current state since this is an indisputable evidence.

Meanwhile, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) urged its supporters to choose the NOTA (None Of The Above) option on the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) when they cast their votes on Wednesday in the Haryana Assembly elections.

“The AAP has made it clear that people should vote for any good candidate who works for the welfare of society. If there is no good candidate available, voters should opt for NOTA. They should not vote for any tainted candidate,” the Aam Aadmi Party said.

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