Aam Aadmi Party volunteers met with Arvind Kejriwal at constitution club

By on May 29, 2014

 arvind Kejriwal Constitution Club

Arvind Kejriwal met with AAP volunteers for the first time after the Lok Sabha polls at Constitution Club New Delhi.

In the meeting Kejriwal boosted the moral of the Volunteers as AAP have lost all the seats in Delhi with a Lakh plus margin despite it showed great performance in the Delhi assembly polls few months back.He reminded the Volunteers  that the AAP fight will continue till we get corruption free India,clean politics and equality for all.

Kejriwal asked the volunteers to go and talk to people as fresh elections could take place in October, He admitted that resigning as Delhi Chief Minister without taking  public advice was a mistake and asked the Volunteers to accept the mistake and ask for forgiveness when they will talk to people to give one more chance to AAP in the coming Assembly Election.

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