Aam Aadmi Party will prepare 71 manifestos for each 70 Assembly Constituencies

By on October 20, 2013


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will prepare 71 manifestos, one each for the 70 Assembly constituencies in Delhi. The salient features of manifesto for Delhi state would be education, drinking water, reduction in power tariffs, make city slum free, ensure permanent house to slum dwellers, job security, and women’s security.

“We will ensure that slum dwellers are given pucca houses and are not relocated to far off places,” Kejriwal promised.  Kejriwal further said, “You can’t have a temporary job or a contract job on that, it has to be a permanent job.

I think we will get rid of these, we will remove all the contract labour system that exists and we will make all these people permanent. That will be done. It will find a place in our manifesto.”
“Common and major problems and the requirements of a constituency would be included in the “fine-tuned” manifesto, which would be finalized after thorough consultations with the eminent residents of the area”, a party leader said.

If their (peoples’) issues find place in the manifesto, then they would actively participate in the whole exercise (of governance),” he said.


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