Arvind Kejriwal has started a honest kind of politics in India

By on February 15, 2014

Former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is the first ever Indian leader who dared to speak against Indian corporate, can go to any extent for the privileges of ‘Aam Aadmi’, committed to his words, and determined to remove corruption in the country. Arvind Kejriwal is the first politician in the Indian history who was running government with “support of the majority” on the floor of the House for its 18 issues. Arvind Kejriwal said that we are taking issue based support from Congress, and if Congress don’t support our issues, we would quit.

Arvind Kejriwal showed the public that BJP and Congress are not serious about strong Jan Lokpal Bill. The Congress and BJP declared that it will not support the “unconstitutional” move to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill. Can both parties explain why strong Jan Lokpal Bill has not been passed in the parliament for years.? Arvind Kejriwal yesterday stated that both parties are fooling the people of India, and are afraid if strong Jan Lokpal Bill passed then many of their ministers will be in jail.

In the assembly, all political parties conspired against Aam Aadmi Party government. Arvind Kejriwal said : “BJP and Congress did not allow introduction of bill because of FIR against Mukesh Ambani. We are not here to save our government, but to save our country. I can quit CM’s post thousand times for Jan Lokpal Bill.” Now there will be a sigh of relief among other political parties as the Aam Admi Party’s government quits.

People of Delhi believe that AAP will come back to power with a clear majority and will definitely pass the Jan Lokpal Bill. Arvind Kejriwal started a honest kind of politics in India. In the short span of time, Kejriwal exposed both the main rival political parties Congress and BJP. AAP will be holding rallies in Haryana and UP on February 23 and March 02 to expose both Congress and BJP in the country.

The AAP’s achievements in 49-days in office : No to VIP Culture and Security, free water, reduction in power tariff, withdrawal permission for multi-brand retail stores, launched a helpline for nursery admissions, formed a committee under the Chief Secretary for the formation of ‘Mahila Suraksha Dal, night shelters to protect people from cold, audit accounts of private power distribution companies, and examining papers related to the Commonwealth Games and Delhi Jal Board.

Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders today held a meeting to decide the future course of action. After the meeting, Prashant Bhushan announced that Delhi Assembly should be dissolved and fresh elections be held. Yogendra Yadav said that Aam Aadmi Party will contest general elections under Kejriwal’s leadership across the country.

Delhi Lt Governor Najeeb Jung forwarded Arvind kejriwal’s resignation to President Pranab Mukherjee for final decision on whether to impose President rule or dissolve the House. Arvind Kejriwal will have to run a caretaker government in Delhi for a few days. This message was delivered to Kejriwal after he met with Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung to submit his resignation.

There is still uncertainty over government formation after Delhi Chief Minister resigns. Both BJP and AAP opted for re-election in the capital. President’s rule is likely to be the only option right now in Delhi. There can be a fresh election, may be during the Lok Sabha polls, to get a clear mandate from the voters of Delhi.

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