Arvind Kejriwal invited Sheila Dikshit for public debate

By on October 10, 2013

Responding on the Sheila Dikshit statement that AAP and BJP have been accusing her and her government of corruption without any proper proof, Arvind Kejriwal said that Sheila says we should prove her corruption. We’ve already put papers in public.

In an interview with CNN-IBN, Sheila Dikshit said that Aam Aadmi Party is not a serious group and could be a opportunist group.
“I would like to ask the AAP what’s your policy, what’s your ideology? What are you going to work for? And what is your record? Your record is that you joined a gentleman called Anna Hazare. You said you were not interested in politics, you took up politics. You said you would bring the Lokpal Bill. Where is it”, said Dikshit.

Arvind Kejriwal dared Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit for a public debate ahead of the Delhi Assembly Elections to be held on Dec 4, 2013.  “I invite her again 4 public debate at place n time of her choice. Why is she running away from public debate?, Kejriwal said.

Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal said that AAP would form the next government in Delhi and vowed to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill after his party wins the Delhi Assembly Elections. Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) is looking to give a tough fight in Delhi polls since AAP has carried out campaigns against Sheila Dikshit and her government failures in the capital.

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