Arvind Kejriwal New Year Gift: Accomplished his Second Promise on reduction of power tariff by 50 percent

By on December 31, 2013

Arvind Kejriwal has accomplished his second promise of 50 per cent reduction in power tariff up to 400 units to the people of Delhi. The people who consume more than 400 units will pay for the entire supply.

AAP government also asked the CAG to audit the three private power distribution companies in the capital- North Delhi Power Ltd (NDPL), BSES Yamuna Power Ltd (BYPL) and BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd (BRPL). The rates of the tariff can be further reduced once the audit is complete.

The people who consume between 0-200 units, the power tariff would be down from Rs.3.90 per unit to Rs.1.95 per unit. For people consuming between 200-400 units, the tariff would be reduced from Rs.5.80 per unit to Rs.2.90.

“The subsidy will apply to those consuming less than 400 units of power and help 28 Lakhs consumers in Delhi”, Kejriwal said.
The decision came a day after Kejriwal announced to give 20 kilolitres of free water for three months to every family.

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