Arvind Kejriwal seek answers of the16 questions from Narendra Modi

By on March 7, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal’s convoy was stopped by Gujarat Police outside Gandhinagar as Arvind Kejriwal want to meet Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi without appointment. Narendra Modi rejected the Arvind Kejriwal’s request for an appointment.

Kejriwal told reporters he wanted to meet Modiji to seek answers to 16 questions he had over governance in Gujarat. Later, Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal headed to the Ahmadabad airport to leave for Delhi .

Arvind Kejriwal seek answers of the following 16 questions from Narendra Modi

1. Is it true Modi wants to raise KG basin gas prices.?

2. Why Gujarat has high unemployment levels?

3.  Agricultural output is declining in Gujarat, how can Gujarat government claim that it has grown 11 percent.?

4. Why there is so much corruption in Gujarat government offices.?

5. Gujarat government buys natural gas and solar power at Rs 15 per unit without a tender, Is it true.?

6. If Modi becomes PM, will he increase Mukesh Ambani’s gas prices.?

7.  Will Modiji  favour the Ambanis and Adanis.?

8.  What is Gujarat development model.?

9. Gujarat government hire educated people and pay less. Why?

10. Why there is no development in public health system in Gujarat.?

11. Why there is no 24 hour electricity supply to the people of Gujarat.?

12.  Why people use to pay bribe to get job and other services.?

13.  Why Gujarat cabinet consists of ministers who have criminal records.?

14.  Why small enterprises are not surviving in Gujarat.?

15. Why government-run schools are in worst condition.?

16. Why farmers have been given less compensation for land acquired by Gujarat government.?

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