Arvind Kejriwal questions Anna Hazare’s acceptance of sarkari lokpal

By on December 14, 2013

Anna Hazare, fasting for the last five days for passage of Lokpal Bill, today said he was happy with the amended legislation presented in the Rajya Sabha and would call off his hunger strike the moment the law is enacted.

“I will call off my fast as soon as the bill is passed by the Rajya Sabha, the Lok Sabha endorses it and the President signs it into a law,” Hazare told reporters. Anna Hazare expressed satisfaction over the bill which was presented in the Rajya Sabha yesterday. “I am satisfied with whatever I have seen of the draft bill and so I welcome it,” he said.

The statment of Anna Hazare came after Rahul Gandhi made a strong pitch for passing the bill, describing it as a “very, very powerful instrument” in the fight against corruption.

Arvind Kejriwal tweeted “I m really surprised. How can Anna accept sarkari lokpal bill? Sarkari lokpal is a “jokepal”. Who is misguiding Anna?. It is also interesting to see that both BJP n Cong have agreed on this “jokepal”. What does this jokepal achieve? CBI has not been made autonomous. CBI will continue to be under govt’s control. None of the 3 conditions which were agreed upon when Anna broke his fast in Aug 2011 are there in this jokepal. So why did Anna agree for such a jokepal? Which forces are misleading him? I am really sad. Whatever Anna may say, we will continue our fight for janlokpal bill till our last breath.”

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