Arvind Kejriwal urged people of Delhi to give AAP at least 50 seats

By on September 22, 2014

At Pandwala Kalan, a village in Matiala constituency, Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal alleged that BJP would made fresh horse-trading attempts in the next few days to form its government in the national capital. Arvind Kejriwal also urged Delhi people to give his party at least 50 seats out of 70 constituencies if fresh Assembly polls take place in Delhi.

“Last time, you had given us love and support but there was something amiss… Please do not mind but if you give us 28 seats, you will only get a government for 49 days. Give us more seats this time, we will give you five years (of governance),” Kejriwal said.

“I have come to know that because of the month of ‘shraadha’, they (the BJP) are lying low. The first day of navratra is on the 25th (September), they will try once more. Modiji has to go to America on the 26th, an attempt will be made before that. Moreover, once the elections take place in Maharashtra, around October 15-20, they will again try to approach us,” Kejriwal said on Sunday, days after his party made public a ‘sting operation’ alleging that the BJP was trying to buy AAP MLAs.

While elaborating the works done by his government during 49-day rule in Delhi, former Delhi CM also explained why he resigned along with his cabinet of ministers.

“While Congress promised us support, they did not let us work for a single day. They caused problems in everything. I thought that if I am resigning today, elections will be conducted tomorrow,” he said.

Source: PTI

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