Assessing the mood of the Delhi Voters

By on November 20, 2013

Thousands of volunteers for Arvind Kejriwal are tracking the mood of the capital. The mood is both supportive and optimistic, but I realize it’s going to be a tight race. The mood of the Delhites could be summarized as “hope for change”, hoping that Aam Aadmi Party will show the kind of change that Arvind Kejriwal has been promising to deliver.

The sitting government is not popular, according to the surveys , minority of Delhites approved the job that Congress is doing. Almost all pre-poll surveys show that the AAP is getting a minimum of 25% vote share.

The pre-poll statistics have given rise to speculation by political observers that large numbers of incumbents in both parties may lose their seats in December as a result of the high level of public dissatisfaction with Congress and BJP. Some analysts have even suggested that the anti-incumbent mood could produce an unprecedented flip in the 2013 elections.

The people of Delhi are impressed by AAP genuine promises made to the people during its highly subscribed and successful election campaign, promises include strong Jan Lokpal, Right to Reject and Right to Recall, corruption free state, raise a ‘Citizen Security Force’  to protect women, probe faulty meters, prevent water theft, real human development, and scrap inflated power bills. The other factors that may contribute to the success of AAP include complete transparency in funds and donations, candidate selection is open and transparent, no to VIP cultures, and no tickets to candidate with criminal background.

Opinion Polls has a mixed bag of findings for Congress and BJP, but a common denominator is that AAP will change the political equations in Delhi. According to the survey—conducted by Cicero Associates—AAP is likely to win around 32% of the votes.  The recent ABP Neilson survey has also said that AAP would get more that 26% votes. C-Voter survey, conducted six weeks after the initial poll, has predicted a 7 percent rise in its vote share, from 20 percent (September survey) to 27 percent (November survey).

In the opinion polls, the people expressed opposition to the Congress, whereas the people are not favoring the principal opposition, the BJP. The respondents expressed dissatisfaction and suspicion against the BJP citing various reasons. The fifteen years of Congress rule and a weak opposition in the form of the BJP, the people of Delhi seem to be leaning slowly but surely towards an alternative party, AAP.

In survey after survey, the Aam Aadmi Party is becoming the first choice of Delhites. In addition to his growing popularity among urban middle class, AAP has been solidifying support among rural areas. AAP has garnered the support of thousands of people from outlying working-class areas of the capital who see him as their saviour for raising the issue of “inflated” power and water bills.

The party has been doing sincere ground level work which includes going door to door to discuss the problems of the residents and their suggestions to improve the conditions. AAP’s consistent message and extensive ground campaign operation seems to have resonated with the people of Delhi.

AAP has given way to a sense of hopefulness and considerably more optimism to the people of Delhi. The discussion has begun from the ‘Aam Aadmi’ and, they are hoping for polls to happen as soon as possible.

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