Can Aam Aadmi Party hit a jackpot in Delhi 2013 Election

By on August 15, 2013

The Aam Aadmi party is made up of riot victim, soldier, pahalwan, social welfare activist, constable and engineer. The party has a rigorous screening process so that no candidate with criminal background can enter politics.

The party will leave no stone unturned to win Delhi Assembly Election but it will be difficult, not impossible, to get the majority as both central party has more experience and funds in comparison to AAP.

This is for sure, the AAP will divide the votes between BJP and Congress, and one of the party among the three will definitely get an upper edge. Arvind Kejriwal will contest against Congress Sheila Dixit, who is current Chief Minister and three time winner from the same seat. BJP may appoint Kiron Kher or Suresh Oberai against Sheila Dixit and Kejriwal. The contest this year will be triangular and seat can go to any party.

Hitting a Jackpot doesn’t mean to gain clear majority. To make your presence felt in the first contested election and to grab up good seats will be one of the agenda in AAP list.

We have to wait till November to get a clear picture. It will be very difficult to predict the result right now but if AAP succeeds in getting more than 20 seats in Delhi 2013, the AAP will be a true winner.


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    hemen parekh

    September 26, 2013 at 3:50 am

    A Tale of Two Countries


     Bo Xilai was a member of Central Politburo of the Chinese Government ( equal to a Central Cabinet Minister in India )

     He was arrested a year back and tried for corruption / taking bribes / misusing official position. Not granted bail ( unheard of in China )

     Trial lasted 5 days – at the end of which , he was convicted , and punished for 20 years of con-current prison terms

     He can appeal but in China , there is no precedence of a higher court setting aside , an order of a lower court !


     Of our 4500 MPs / MLAs , approx 1500 ( 30 % ) , have criminal cases pending against them

     Of these , some 600 have , “ Serious Criminal Cases “ ( murder / rape etc ) pending against them

     A few hundred are already “ Convicted “ and have appealed in higher courts

     All are out on bail and attending Lok Sabha / State Legislatures

     Our Supreme Court considered this ( freedom ) as “ Unconstitutional / Illegal “ and passed an order that MPs / MLAs , who have received punishments of 2 years or more , cannot be granted bail ( even if they have appealed ) and must stay in jail. Neither can they vote , nor contest an election

     Central Government filed a “ Review Petition “ in Supreme Court , which refused to change its earlier ruling

     So , as expected , Central Government decided to bring out an Ordinance to nullify Supreme Court verdict !

    What Next ?

     Within 2 months , Ordinance must be converted into a proper law , by passing it in Lok Sabha

     Since ALL parties have “ Criminal “ MPs / MLAs , you bet , the law will be passed unanimously !

    Voters of India

    The only political party which is not a party to this heinous conspiracy against Democracy and therefore against the People of India , is the Aam Admi Party ( not having a single MP / MLA so far ? )

    Let us vote it to power . That is the only way to test their promise of a corruption-free government

    May be we can still stop this rape of our Motherland !

    • hemen parekh ( 25 Sept 2013 )

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    hemen parekh

    October 7, 2013 at 4:37 am

    Come Out in the Streets !

    When Anna and Arvind sat on a fast in Ram Lila ground in 2011 , millions of people came out on the streets in support of the Jan Lok Pal Bill

    But neither fasting nor outpouring on the streets made any impact on the arrogant MPs and Ministers of Lok Sabha

    They went to the extent of preaching ,

    “ You cannot make laws on the streets. For that , you must contest polls , get people to vote for you – then occupy your seats in the Lok Sabha “

    Arvind realized the harsh reality of the current political rot in the country. Man Mohan Singh’s India of 2011 was not Mahatma’s India of 1941 !

    In 2011 , there was no place for a peaceful “ Satyagraha “ .

    [ Q: Will fasting by Chandrababu Naidu and Jagan Reddy succeed ? ]

    Apparently what worked with the “ Gora Sahibs “ way back , was not working with the “ Brown Sahibs “ now !

    So , what were his choices ?

     Change the rulers by resorting to an “ Armed Revolt “ – as recently witnessed in a number of Arab / Moslem countries ?

     Form a political party and fight / win the elections , to change the corrupt system from “ within “ ?

    For Arvind and his “ believers “ , the idea of violence was an anathema

    So , very rightly , they decided to fight the elections

    People of Delhi !

    If you want the Democracy and Decency to triumph over Crime and Corruption of the Mighty , then , on 4th December , come out on the streets of Delhi once again

    And elect , at least 40 AAP candidates to Delhi Assembly

    Remember , it has to be either 40 or forget ! Minority is powerless !

    • hemen parekh ( 07 Oct 2013 )

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