Can Aam Aadmi Party hit a jackpot in Delhi 2013 Election

By on August 15, 2013

The Aam Aadmi party is made up of riot victim, soldier, pahalwan, social welfare activist, constable and engineer. The party has a rigorous screening process so that no candidate with criminal background can enter politics.

The party will leave no stone unturned to win Delhi Assembly Election but it will be difficult, not impossible, to get the majority as both central party has more experience and funds in comparison to AAP.

This is for sure, the AAP will divide the votes between BJP and Congress, and one of the party among the three will definitely get an upper edge. Arvind Kejriwal will contest against Congress Sheila Dixit, who is current Chief Minister and three time winner from the same seat. BJP may appoint Kiron Kher or Suresh Oberai against Sheila Dixit and Kejriwal. The contest this year will be triangular and seat can go to any party.

Hitting a Jackpot doesn’t mean to gain clear majority. To make your presence felt in the first contested election and to grab up good seats will be one of the agenda in AAP list.

We have to wait till November to get a clear picture. It will be very difficult to predict the result right now but if AAP succeeds in getting more than 20 seats in Delhi 2013, the AAP will be a true winner.

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