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Asha Arora

Govt. Of N.C.T. Delhi.

Sub: Excess Wrong billing-ref Connection no -1057261000 and records are not updated for meter change.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was surprised & shocked to see that my meter record says stop meter (which is already changed on 15th Nov 2017) and my water bill no 105722093853 dated 22-JAN-2018, 105724497881, dated 28-MAR-2018 and 105722302610 dated 24-APR-2018 for Rs 14,024/-, 27,046/- & 28,932/- respectively. Which is abnormally high for consumption of 287 KL (86 days), 217 KL (65 days) & 22 KL (22 days). Earlier bill came & rectify for 50 KL for 60 days.

There is something drastically wrong either in the metre reading by your meter reader / base of the bill calculation is average this seems to be wrong calculation on average policy.

This is to inform you that I had already change meter on request of your meter reader (DJB employee) on 15th Nov 2017, this is seems to be that in your team have not did update your records with the information of meter change and also did not providing Dairy number for the same.

A assurance given by DJB employees that excess amount paid will be adjusted and update their record but so far no action has been taken by them.

I hereby request you to look into this matter & do necessary action/ correction in the bill at the earliest.


NAGAR, Delhi
Mobile No.: 9810528609 / 9810628609
Zone/MR Code: WZ1/ 527/METERED
Area Code: A-75/Janak Puri
Old WCN: J-8140
New KNO: 1057261000