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    Nakul Gautam

    First if all i am not from any political party. When AAP was formed i liked one thing that it suits one of my belief that ‘what we need is a revolution’. As per my belief a revolution isnt just about needs. Do we need to rethink on our moral grounds?
    Or a more rightfull question would be should AAP just fight for our rights to survive?

    Yes! If we start listing delhi’s problems it normally goes somewat this way- corruption, inflation, job creation, women safety, public redressal mechanisms.
    Please correct me if i am wrong but atleast for me it should be somewat more than just needs. AAP has a big chance to make it true as today it has a wide majority and penetration to the deepest areas of delhi n more than that have full five years. The problems of our needs do start with basic humane traits.

    I became a big fan of AAP’s ideas when it stood and said ‘education for north eastren culture must be a part of our text books’ after attack on north eastren ppl at a time every politician was busy in snatching votes.

    Do we need to work on such ideas which can cultivate a deep rooted culture in delhi which could serve as a role model for other states. By that i dont really mean that we should stop taking our current actions but along with that isnt it a duty of us to rebuild the moral fabric of our nation. For example lets talk about rape, is it really possible to stop rapes if males dont really start respecting women, can police , home guards, marshals reach every nick n corner of delhi. The answer is no as what would a security personal do if its happening somewhere closed doors or at any un dark remote area.

    I am not a regular visitor for the website so if anyone cares to do any addition please e-mail at nakul_software@yahoo.com

    N yes please feel free to post direct opposite comments.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Earn by quiz

    Aap is a hope for indian politics.Our politics has been so much corrupted in both mental and economic sense that even if there is very less hope surviving in form of aap we should support it.None of our politicians look responsible as all of them have purchased power.Even if it takes time we should support this revolution, because our ignorance is equally responsible for such situation.

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