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    Aanand Kanthasamy P‎President of India
    February 12 at 11:42pm ·
    Here I pray to the people of India represented by President. It is very important to give, email id of president of India, so that people can write their problems.
    I have problem in my marriage family life. I spend 3 lacks and above for marriage held on 2005 at my residence city, but my wife not live with me for totally 7 years, so that i try to suicide 3 times I need family law as if any Hindu couples not living together for more than one year than the marriage automatically dissolve. No need to come court. After one year one month any couple approach legal aid and get legal order report for minimum cost. This will solve lot of cases in family court. Reduces unnecessary court burden, reduces unnecessary government expenses, and reduces illegal money pulling of lawyers from victim clients who already suffer great in family life.
    Whenever I approach my wife to living together I was beaten by my in laws and admitted in hospital, for my operation my father spend more than one lacks. Every time she runs with her boy friends and calling my wife living together we spend 50 thousand. All men’s are not willing to file restitution of conjugal rights in court. Mostly like me person prefer relatives, parents, friends help to solve the couples problem to live together because basically marriages are happened by arrangement of parents, relatives and friends. I used several times this approach and spend money, but failed. So please amend the law quickly. Save men’s life. Lot of married men’s gets suicide. This new law will solve the problems of men. As per men’s behavior and the laws in India man get legal solution against his wife is really very very difficult, and dangerous way.lot of money unnecessarily spend for lawyers. Lawyer’s revenue increased heavily. Thinking that lawyers are genuine persons is not practically correct. Also lawyers make the family problem complex for getting, plucking money. It is very, very important to amend the new law after one year of separation for any reason, not living together for more than one year then the marriage is not valid. As per legal it will dissolved automatically, no need to come court, for getting legal order report either husband or wife approach legal aid and get the order for 1000 rupees. The legal aid has the response to verify that the couples are separated for more than one year, not living together, there are problems with the couples and wife refused to live together all are verified by the legal aid, if any problem raised in couples family immediately vao of the respecting jurisdiction / social welfare person of respective jurisdiction / law and order police visit the family consider to solve the problem, help the couples to living together if fails then note that the couples are not living together and give the report every month to legal aid or either the couples written complaint to cm cell, collector office are legal documents to prove that the couples are not living together, not give children to husband more than 3 months then immediately arrest the wife, mother of the children and give punishment. It is very important to give the children to the father, unless it was legally proved that either the father or the father’s blood relations are not capable to care of the children. Mostly not allow the 3 years old children to live with mother. Father is the only person to care of the children. Don’t separate father and children at any reason. This will end the suicide of the married men. Women’s intention to take the children with them is for looting of money from husband. Show that they are good by character. But the real situation is totally opposite. They intentionally fool the society.lot of married women’s has illegal sexual affairs than married men. I beg, i pray, cry and spent lot of tears for this law. Not only make the law but also publicity this law powerfully through media. Put lot of banners in court, legal aid and all government offices. Thanking you for taking care about victim husbands, victim fathers of India. Lawyers not accept this law; argue this is dangerous like, because this law makes common people free from lawyers, lawyer’s revenue affected. Lawyers right plucking, extortion of money from the clients not possible. So lawyer’s acceptance to amend the law is impossible.if any issues like getting sridhanas from husband,or getting husband’s money from wife are not consider to divorce.it will be deal as separate case.this will not affect divorce.but stricltly follow children’s are the property of husband.there is no legal rights with children by mother.no money for wife for the name of children life.

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