Gandhi Topi back in Vogue

By on January 12, 2014

The AAP Topis, the white Gandhi cap with the words ‘Main Hoon Aam Aadmi’, played a major role in the success of AAP in Delhi Elections. The topi minimize the difference between AAP and ‘Aam Aadmi’ and help party to win the the trust of people. The topi symbolizes party’s struggle for rights of ‘Aam Aadmi’. Every Indian who donned the AAP cap feel that they are part of the AAP movement against corruption.

Arvind Kejriwal and his members always use to wear Gandhi style topi after he launched the Aam Aadmi Party. In Conference or Campaign, AAP supporters proudly wear their topis and spread the message of the party.

Arvind Kejriwal and his cabinet team use to wear the topi in the Assembly. The BJP leader Vijay Jolly accused Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of violating the Assembly Rules as Kejriwal’s topi depicted his party symbol. He said that no one is allowed to wear or display badges of any kind in the house.

The Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh reportedly asked the BJP to learn from the strategy of AAP. It seems that RSS is teaching BJP to wear topi. The BJP supporters protested against AAP at Rajghat to expose the AAP failure to fulfill it pre-poll promises. The eye catching scenes were that this time BJP’s supporters were wearing saffron caps with ‘Vote for Modi’ and ‘Modi for PM’ written on them. BJP leader Naqvi said that we have not copied any party nor are the caps a patent right of anyone. The saffron colored caps have always been an integral part of BJP’s campaign.

It seems that every political party in India understands the power of topi. Whether it is campaign, or protest, the Gandhi cap once again rose in popularity in India.

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