Irfan Ullah Khan and Narayan Dutt Sharma will be AAP candidates for Okhla and Badarpur Seat

By on September 16, 2013


Aam Aadmi Party announced its candidates from Okhla and Badarpur seat. The party has declared 47 candidates out of 70 assembly constituencies of Delhi.  The AAP has decided to field Irfan Ullah Khan from Okhla constituency under which sensitive Batla House locality falls, while social activist Narayan Dutt Sharma would contest from Badarpur Assembly constituency.

Irfan Ullah Khan is chairman of Jamia Nagar Coordination Committee. He was president of Aligarh Muslim University Students’ Union and had participated in JP movement in 1977.  He had also contested Loksabha election for Janta Dal.

Narayan Dutt Sharma is well known in Badarpur area as a person who will stand with people in good or bad times. He is associated with Jan Lokpal Movement since its inception and has been actively campaigning for AAP

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    hemen parekh

    October 6, 2013 at 5:36 am

    Your Move !

    Supreme Court has made its move and prevented “ convicted “ criminal MPs / MLAs from occupying their seats in Lok Sabha / State Assemblies

    But even Supreme Court cannot prevent,

    * Parties from giving tickets
    * Candidates from contesting
    * Voters from electing

    – a crime-charged ( but not yet convicted ) politician

    Voters of Delhi ,

    But you can !

    By insisting / demanding that Congress / BJP / AAP, put-up on their web sites , full “ Janam-Kundli “ ( Life-Story ) of each and every candidate

    That must include :

     Financial Status ( Assets / Liabilities / All Bank Accounts – including foreign )

     Criminal Status ( FIRs / Charge-Sheets / Convictions / Appeals / Jail-terms served )

     Nexus Status ( Positions / Ownerships held – past or present – in Companies / Organizations / Trusts / NGOs / Businesses etc )

     Family Status ( all of the above mentioned info for each member of the immediate family )

     Affiliation Status ( Membership of and positions held , in any/all political parties , present and past )

    Each Janam-Kundli must be capable of being :

     Downloaded

     Forwarded

     Emailed

     Shared on Social Networking Web sites

    I have a feeling that only Aam Admi Party ( AAP ) will come forward to accept this challenge

    If so , your choice is clear :

    Enable AAP to win at least 40 seats on 4th Dec 2013 ! No less !

    People of Delhi ,

    Now is time for YOUR MOVE !

    • hemen parekh ( 06 Oct 2013 )

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