Jan Lokayukt will be set up in Delhi, If Aam Aadmi Party wins election

By on August 2, 2013

The first and foremost thing that AAP will do after winning Delhi Election is to set up Lokayukt in Delhi. According to Mr. Kejriwal, AAP will probe three scams related to power, water and transport and will reveal the result in six months and those guilty would be sent to jail.

“A 1000 crore INR scam was unfolded in Delhi’s Government transport department. The contact for lane testing was given to a company without a tender, and the orders was given by CM Sheila Dikshit. ”  Kejriwal alleged.aamadmiparty1

AAP is very confident to win the forthcoming Delhi Assembly Election by huge margin.  Many surveys predict that AAP will win between 40-45 seats out of 70 seats.

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    Hemen Parekh

    November 11, 2013 at 6:38 am

    of Polarization

    In the election speeches , soft-spoken
    Congress leaders are blaming hard-hitting BJP leaders of trying to ”
    polarize ” the voters along community lines , viz:

    Hindu Vs Muslim

    But polarization has been around since the
    birth of the Earth – even before

    Take a look at the following ” Poles
    ” :

    Matter Vs

    Vs Energy

    Vs Night

    Vs Sky

    Vs Female

    Vs Young

    > Rich
    Vs Poor

    Classes Vs

    Dieting Vs

    Employed Vs Jobless

    > Educated Vs

    Healthy Vs Diseased

    Dictators Vs Democrats

    > Developed
    Vs Deprived

    Vs Unskilled…………… etc

    And none of these ” poles ” are
    likely to disappear anytime soon

    In fact , ‘ polarization ” is ,

    Anaadi (
    without a beginning )

    ( without an end )

    Avinaashi ( Non –
    Destructible )

    ( which also happens to be the only way to
    define God )

    Ancient Indian philosophers called this
    phenomenon , ” Dwait – Waad ”

    The eternal cosmic dance of ” Twin-ism

    Narendra Modi does not deserve ” Credit
    ” for inventing something that has always existed – and will
    continue to exist even when Congress and BJP cease to exist !

    But then , ” polarization ” makes
    for a nice topic for TV anchors to ask sundry experts , their opinions !

    * hemen
    parekh ( 11 Nov 2013 )

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