Sameer Nair joins AAP

By on October 19, 2013


Former Star CEO Sameer Nair on Friday joined the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to support its Delhi election campaign. He was the CEO of Star Entertainment India, the entertainment wing of the STAR India Network. He is also the former CEO of Imagine TV. In 2001, Rupert Murdoch hired Nair as programming chief for Star TV in India as part of a revamping to get the network to appeal more to a middle-class Indian audience.

“I am here to offer my expertise to AAP in whatever way possible to bring change in our society. In fact, a lot of my friends are ready to contribute in AAP’s communication work free of cost,” Nair said.

“Even though his family and business are based from Mumbai, he has recently been making frequent trips to Delhi to support and contribute in AAP’s communication strategy,” said an AAP statement.

“Being a Mumbai resident, I can’t vote in Delhi elections but has been asking all my friends, relatives and acquaintances in the national capital to vote for AAP,” Nair added.

“Sameer Nair joins AAP. Helping us with our communications. Thanks so much Sameer ji,” Kejriwal tweeted.

“Thank you Arvind ji, it’s an honour to be a small part of history in the making. And happy to help in every possible way,” Nair tweeted back.





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    October 23, 2013 at 10:03 am

    Perform or Perish

    IAS officer , Ashok Khemka was Managing Director of
    Haryana Seed Development Corporation from Oct 15 , 2012 to April
    4 , 2013

    Roshan Lal , Principal Secretary ( Agriculture ) , has
    recommended issue of a charge sheet against Khemka for “ alleged irregularities
    in wheat seeds sale “ , during Khemka’s tenure as MD

    And what were those irregularities ?

    Not meeting the target for the sales

    Meaning , “ under-performance “

    I request Khemka not to protest or fight the charge

    He would do this country , a great favour by accepting
    his “ crime “ and go to jail !

    He would establish that “ Under-Performance “ by a
    Government Officer or a Public Sector Officer , is a crime , punishable by laws
    of the land

    A welcome precedence that would put behind bars ,

    Ø Sitting
    MLAs of Delhi State Assembly ( Congress-men )

    Ø Current
    Corporators of Delhi Municipal Corporation ( BJP men )

    Of course that would give a patently unfair ( ? )
    advantage to Aam Aadmi Party candidates on 4th December , since none
    of them had , as yet , an “ opportunity
    to under-perform “ !

    People of Delhi have a unique chance to ,

    Ø Elect 40 + AAP candidates on 4th

    Ø Demand that they would be considered to have
    “ performed “ , only if they manage to bring down the onion price to Rs 20 per
    Kg , within 4 weeks of being voted to power

    Arvind Kejriwal ,

    Passing Jan Lok Pal Bill on 29th Dec in Ram
    Lila Ground may be very dramatic , facing dozens of TV cameras , but what
    people of Delhi need NOW , is cheap onions !

    Law or no law , people are unwilling to forgive
    non-performers !

    parekh ( 23
    Oct 2013 )

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    November 7, 2013 at 4:29 am

    When will People
    win ?

    > BJP leaders
    are saying,

    ” On our own , we will win 272+ seats in Lok
    Sabha ”

    > AAP
    says ,

    ” We will win 47+ seats in Delhi ”

    > Congress
    says ,

    ” We will form the next government at the
    center ”

    > Regional parties are saying ,

    ” Third front will win and come to power ”

    > Herr
    Gobbels , propaganda minister of Hitler , said ,

    ” Tell a lie a hundred times and it will get
    accepted as truth ”

    > Sundry
    ” Pre-poll Opinion Surveys ” predict ,

    ” Saffron will lead everywhere but they will
    fall short of


    NDA – 2
    will suffer from the same debilitating disease as

    with UPA
    – 2 , viz : Coalition Dharma ”

    > Voters are saying ,

    ” Stop mud-slinging , name-calling , abusing
    each other

    Stop trying
    to bribe us by offering free rice , tablets ,

    smartphones etc

    begging us to vote for you

    For a
    change , listen to what WE are telling YOU

    We will
    vote to power , only that party , which firmly commits

    itself in
    Poll Manifesto , following :

    ‘ Within
    100 days of coming to power , we will amend the Representation of Peoples Act ,
    enabling voters of any constituency
    to RECALL its elected MP / MLA , if they are unhappy with his / her performance , at the
    end of 6 months of being elected ‘

    For a
    change , We , the People , want to win – and permanently !

    Once every month , we want our elected Representative to
    hold a public meeting in our locality and tell us what he has done for us
    during the preceeding 30 days – against the TARGETS that we set for him /
    her !

    If MPs / MLAs want to triple their salaries – no
    problem !

    But no more ” Fixed Tenures ” !

    * hemen parekh
    ( 07 Nov
    2013 )

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