The Revolution

By on April 9, 2014


Purpose of life is to take proper lessons out of all experiences that happen to an individual. The so called ‘individuality’ in an individual is caught in ‘likes – dislikes’, ‘love – hate’, ‘profit – loss’, ‘pleasure – pain’, ‘reward – punishment’. Since the ‘individuality’ in him is inherently motivated to ‘pleasure – reward’ and avoid ‘pain – punishment’ etc., at some moment through these lessons one is taught and made to realize whether is he simply made up of only ‘motives’ like these? He must be the ‘thing’ which is beyond motives. Motives cannot work like a TV-remote and control is original ‘nature’, which is beyond dualities.This is a natural cleansing process for every atom, cell, insects, animals, and humans that take place.

From an ordinary Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi arose the ‘Mahathma Gandhi’, a ‘karma – yogi’. Throughout his life he simply lived out those moments seeking ‘God’ in each and everything. On the way of his search for the ‘divinity’ within him he taught to the whole world completely new way without the least ‘bloodshed’ and wars to relieve his own ‘motherland’ to freedom. The ‘freedom movement’ was only an incidental tool in the hands of Gandhi. It was not the end purpose of his life. Ahimsa and Sathyagraha were only his way of living. He transformed his being so holistically that he could see only good things ‘positivity’ all around. This physical existence is nothing in front of the search for the ‘divine’ within oneself. Let ‘life’ take millions of births – but its worth taking to seek the ‘divine’ in one and live in that ‘divinity’.

Arvind Kejriwal is on the right track. Truth is with him. The ‘way’ is the Truth. This moment is the Truth. There is nothing at the end. Arvind Kejriwal is a noble soul – he has come here to transform, revolutionize the Indian politics from all it ills. Like Gandhi AK is very clear, that he has not come here to create a party – lead a party into election, get majority, form Govt, hold CM or PM post. This Great Country is losing its innate glory and the purity of its people.

In the name of forming governments and governance the whole political system slowly like a parasite invaded, eroded everything in this country. The ultimate corruption can be an ‘individual’ yielding to this, succumbing to this system. That is why he uses the word the ‘swaraj’, Swaraj for the second time. Parallely he sees the urgency of doing this revolution.

Politics is not corrupt. The corrupt individuals in all respects corrupt everything they do. So the problem is the corrupt qualities in an individual. ‘I’, ‘Me’, and ‘Mine’, is the slokam of ‘self-centred’ activity. The individual has to transform. Now is the time a real – authentic soul like Mahatma Gandhi – Arvind Kejriwal is here around us and leads this revolution.

This 2014 election is not the end of all. Winning or losing never matters. It’s always a win-win situation for AAP. Good things have commenced with 2013 Delhi elections. 2014 election is the 2nd ripe opportunity. Be tolerant – wait. Everything is going in the right direction. It’s the most needed overhaul and that will take some time.

By slapping AK that man has slapped the conscience of this country. Conscience of the people is stirred to wake up from ‘slumber’ – look around – if you sleep further – you will be looted of everything by greedy minds lurking in all directions and in all possible ways to capture political power continue corrupt activities in the name and form of politicians, corporate, bureaucrats Govt. governance, administration, systems, this, that etc.

Ultimately it’s not proving to anyone in this World. One should not expect results immediately, because the rot has accumulated over 67 years since independence. Ahimsa and Sathyagraha never fails, always protects, triumphs. Be patient.

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