Time to make pre-election assessment

By on September 17, 2013

With less than three months left for the Delhi Assembly Elections 2013, Delhi lives amid political uncertainties.  The big question is who will rule Delhi in 2013 or who will be the Kingmaker of Delhi. The high level of uncertainty makes prediction making difficult. We have to wait till November for election results, but this is the prime time for political parties to assess their agendas, ideologies and vote-bank.

The main issues in hand are corruption, Janlokayukta, women-safety, strong economy, power tariff hike, education and Inflation. The successful party will focus on what people feel is the biggest problem in Delhi right now which are Inflation, women-safety and Corruption.

There are two political parties Congress and BJP who have ruled Delhi. With the emergence of Aam Aadmi Party, the situation has become complicated. Congress and BJP have got strong foundation in Delhi, staunch supporters and large funds which can help them to win the race.


Congress is distributing free kerosene to the poor people and introduced food security programme, which will help Below Poverty Line  families, Above Poverty Line card holders, and Jhughi Ration Card holders to get per kg of food grains, rice, wheat and cereals at very subsidized rates.  Congress is trying to cash in on the food schemes, but it may not help Congress. Congress has performed poor in its third term which has disappointed Delhites.  AAP and BJP have advantage of anti-incumbency.

BJP is hoping to cash in on Narendra Modi’s PM candidacy. The party will focus on issues like inflation, power, water, corruption, and unauthorized colonies. The party cadres will go to every household under the slogan ‘Ghar,Ghar BhaJaPa’ and highlight the failures of the Congress government in Delhi during the last 15 years. The survey done by gfiles magazine, ABP News-Nielsen and Cicero Associates revealed that BJP will get 30-33 seats and will be short of 4-5 seats. The party is most likely to win Delhi Assembly Elections 2013. The party has the advantage of anti-incumbency and the wave of Narendra Modi, other than that party has not accomplished much in Delhi since 15 years.

The Aam Aadmi Party will be trouble to both BJP and Congress. The AAP is focusing on unauthorized colonies, poor areas and jhuggi areas where the people are giving full support the party. The party is resolving basic problems, like inadequate supply of water, price rise, and basic education. The party assures to make Delhi corruption-free, set up Lokayukta within 15 days if elected, and make Delhi safe for women. The party is communicating with voters through mail, calls, social media, home-visit and web-advertising. The chief-ministerial candidate is not yet decided, but most likely to be party chief  Arvind Kejriwal. Upcoming election is an opportunity for Aam Aadmi Party to demonstrate the failure of Congress and BJP.  Arvind Kejriwal has made it clear that the party will not support Congress or BJP if Delhi poll is hung.

The survey revealed that Delhi headed for hung assembly. The upcoming Delhi Elections will be very competitive. Though the political parties are concentrating on the Assembly Elections right now, the result of  these elections will have a deep impact on Lok Sabha Elections 2014.

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