Times of India Blog: Bill Gates, Buffet never performed Lakshmi Puja yet world richest

By on November 13, 2015




Bill Gates and Warren Buffet never did Lakshmi Puja but they are among the richest in the world? ask Times Of India at the time when Indians worship Goddess Lakshmi..

toi intolrence

Here are the few top comments on Facebook of Times of India readers

Sourabh Jain – Good example of intolerance times of india..u respect religious views of others..like other than indians

Siva Nadar – Sometimes I really wish that Shiv Sena should just storm into TOI’s office and break your heads in the most undemocratic way possible. Laatho ke bhoot sach mein baato se nahi maante

Samit Roy – Ambanis, Adanis, Ruias, Birlas, Mittals, Jindals, Shinghanias, Bajaj, Thapars do Laxmi Puja and they are all in Forbes 500 lists

Abhishek Singhal- Vested interest are ganging up in order to oust PM Modi in 2019 and its very understandable too.Congress is addicted to power just like a drug addict is addicted to drugs.since PM has come in power,there are no scams,no outflow of thousands of crores abroad and the near and dear ones aren’t getting govt contracts soo congress is getting frustrated ,they r using their clout and money over the media and some people in order to publically humiliate the PM ,even if it makes India humiliated abroad,they don’t care. Congress popularity is already going down and its misdeeds are coming out in the open everyday.the party has been virtually eliminated from India and HP&Uttarakhand will soon be in BJP hands.so that leaves just 2-3 important states like Karnataka ,Kerala,Assam with them.congress has no face to fight with in 2019 against Modi and its template of ganging up against PM like they did in Bihar won’t work in centre as all regional players are soo opportunist that none will accept the other as PM face just like Lalu did in Bihar(that too was out of compulsion as he is convicted ) ,so PM is here to stay for a long time and to make congress pay dearly for its anti India policies and blatant corruption with just minority appeasement as the core agenda


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