Vinod Binny’s revolt in AAP

By on December 25, 2013

Indian Politics may be duly termed as a roller-coaster, which has witnessed many eventful stints of various political parties comprising their numerous highs and lows. Vinod Binny, the revolutionary MLA of AAP is just one among the several instance of this class who become adequately shrewd to use the political platform to meet their ruthlessly personal ambitions.

If Indian politicians are accurately credited with changing the face of India in the international forums by propagating a true democratic system, many politicians are found at the center of many an untoward controversy during this long tenure since our independence.

Indian political fraternity boasts of bountiful of people whose dreadful aspirations often stain the country and even Arvind Kejriwal failed to insulate his newbie AAP from such people with vested interests. It is better that Arvind Kejriwal learns to encounter revolts from the likes of Vinod Binny, which may only multiply in the near future.

AAP may be highly determined to sweep out corruption from Indian politics, but they can never deny that they are also evolved from this prevalent political system that exhibits complexities and contradictions.

Notably, Vinod Binny was an old congressman.

If we want to cheer about the success of our country in implementing a multi-party democratic system, we are forced to ponder over the issues of corruption of the greedy people, who seem to take the challenge of fulfilling all their goals during their political spell, irrespective of the tenure. That is the reason for some of our eminent leaders, ministers and elected members to be put behind the bars, while some remain untouched due to their incredible influence in the power lobby.

The existence of ornate royal palaces may have drastically come down in the past few decades, but political corruption and social calamities have increased by leaps and bounds. The exuberant leaders might have been energized to instill and nurture the socialist republic culture to strengthen Indian sovereignty, but they also tend to bypass the cases of extortion and force some leaders often apply on the hapless citizens.

The Aam Aadmi Party has emerged based on culmination of such negative in the Indian political firmament. When the people are battered by such deep rooted corruption, misconduct and indiscipline, they have become desperate to bring about sudden changes.

AAP could capture this vacuum, created by the non-visibilities of the traditional political parties, who have been cleverly labeled all ministers as corrupted, irrespective of their portfolios or personal standings.

AAP has to ignore the agitation of leaders like Vinod Binny, who only attempt to extinguish their vested interests. AAP should be more concerned about the disharmony with Anna Hazzare, the core designer of the non-political forum, which can be termed as the mother of AAP. AAP should build up a long term strategy; else their sudden exit will become as dramatic as their entry into Indian politics.

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