When will Delhi kerfuffle end?

By on December 22, 2013

Two weeks ago, all India was abuzz with the stupendous performance of Aam Aadami Party( AAP) in Delhi legislative assembly elections. None would have had expected such a performance by a bran-new party, with a bran-new philosophy, with a bran-new team, with bran-new scenes being created everyday.

The fatal freshness the chief of AAP and his honest team has brought to the Indian political spectrum is terrific. That he is here to change the system, or manacle the dis-honesty was evident on several fast-demonstrations with his Guru Mr Anna Hazare. And the Right to Information and Ombudsman Bill stand witness to his grit, determination and perseverance for an honest India.

After breaking-off from the mother concern, still headed by Mr Anna Hazare, AAP jumped into the Delhi elections fray to prove a point or two. But, as the results show, it not only decimated the ruling party, but left the other contender in the lurk too; and self in a greater mire and maze than the two parties told afore.

And the verdict, Delhites have given, was ineluctable; where there was a zero possibility for the BJP; the statements given by several leaders in their unableness to form the Government was evident to even the neophytes of politics in Indian sub-continent. The grapes are sour story stands revisited in this case, isn’t it?
We have seen few instances of BJP’s holiness and honesty in Jharkhand, Karnataka and Goa. But, they are known for their pro-religion stands, and the Bhagwat Gita’s teachings are always in their hand and mind.

The catch-22 situation in which AAP is right now is evident, by their shenanigans on the streets of Delhi. Whether they are buying time, or are doing the homework for 2014 elections, or are reading the mindset of the people, or are devising a future-plan, or are trying to keep their flock together, or are on the way to proving the axiom in Indian political circle that there is no permanent friend or foe in politics is obviously not evident.

The Congress party anyhow has managed the Ombudsman Bill to see the light of the day. And by giving un-conditional support to AAP to form the next government in Delhi, they are not showing mercy on Delhites; they are saving their own face, and making few amends before going to the hustings in early 2014.

The body language of AAP leaders, except Mr Kejriwal and Mr Prashant Bhushan, has changed by degrees. For, they may be at a sniffing distance to power: which is known to be the femme fatale of gentleman-ship. And the hooliganism by the bran-new legislators, mis-behave charges against them, and the bran-new chief vehemently urging the bran-new legislators against the ill-design of the Delilah(read power) to corrupt them points to the old proven idiom or phrase that power corrupts.

My own suggestion and request to the AAP chief is:
a) leave the corruption free India rhetoric as you are about to move the rest of the spell in Delhi with the party which is cause of your party’s birth(and painful separation from your mother concern).
b) become a milestone in Indian politics by not accepting Congress’s support to form the government.
c) don’t fear for a backlash in the event of a re-elections, for, if you have aroused some sense of honesty in common man, it will remain there and will not be erased so easily.
d) please convey your newly elected team to remain on the ground to camouflage your party like common man look.
e) Other areas and time is here, where there needs urgent redressal of the concerns of the common man.
f) let there be elections again in Delhi, and if you are getting positive response from them via sms’s and letters, you are bound to emerge the clear winner next time.

Mr Kejriwal, my best wishes are with you. Please stop the ongoing uncertainty over Delhi by biting the bullet, otherwise, a new kerfuffle will be on the offing which will see your dreams shattered. And don’t take more time in the shenanigans, you are up to. Otherwise, you will be frittering the initial gains. Because, India is watching you with an intent and hope that you will bring honesty back in India. And other issues, such as the India-US diplomatic brawl, the rise of Virat Kohli etc. are queued to hog the limelight.

Posted by Krishna Ranjan

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