Whenever the country is in pain, Rahul Gandhi is in Spain: Kumar Vishwas

By on January 15, 2014

Kumar Vishwas on Tuesday said that the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi was not capable of taking up any responsibility in the country. He further said that Priyanka Gandhi is also her sister.

“She (Priyanka Gandhi) is my sister also… Now, it has to be seen whether she supports this brother (Vishwas), who had been hit by lathis for asking for justice in Damini and Gudia rape cases, or for the one (Rahul) who remained abroad,” Kumar Vishwas told PTI.

AAP leader Kumar Vishwas on Monday visited the Dalit woman’s house which the Congress leader had visited. On January 26, 2008, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi stayed overnight at the same home and had food there. Kumar Vishwas claimed that nothing has changed after the Rahul Gandhi visit. Kumar Vishwas said Sunita, the dailt woman, informed him that her family has no permanent home, no proper food and no education.

Earlier, Kumar Vishwas organized a ‘Jan Vishwas Rally’ in Amethi on January 12. AAP leader Kumar Vishwas will contest the general elections against Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi from his constituency in Amethi in Uttar Pradesh.

In his speech, Kumar Vishwas said I will not leave my second motherland Amethi even if Congress supporters throw ink or eggs at me. I won’t be frightened away while attacking the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi even if protesters show black flags or burn my effigies. Don’t show me black flags. Tell me the time and place, I’ll come all alone and it’s a promise. Some Congress supporters told me to go from Amethi. I like to ask them do I need to get a visa or passport to visit Amethi. Is Amethi an independent country.? It is time to give a ‘naukar’ the chance instead of ‘yuvrajs’, “maharajas’, ‘rajkumars’ or ‘maharanis’. The AAP will end the dynasty politics. I like to raised issues of improper electricity supply and dilapidated roads in Amethi. Why Sonia Gandhi goes to America for medical treatment because she did not trust Indian doctors. Congress leaders said that we are not doing our marketing the best way we can. For Congress, the country is the market where it use to sell products. Eating with a Dalit family Rahulji is not going to solve problem of Amethi. Congress leader Beni Prasad Verma called me a joker. I want to tell him joker is better than a thief. Whenever the country is in pain, Rahul Gandhi is in Spain. I will live in Amethi. I will never run from Amethi.

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