Why did Arvind Kejriwal resign? Was it worth?

By on February 22, 2014

I came across a question few days back over Mr. Kejriwal’s resignation as Chief Minister of Delhi, “Are you happy as Arvind kejriwal’s drama as CM ends?”

First of all when I read this question I had a self-unsatisfied smirk on my face, not because of the question in itself, but because of the word ‘drama’. What is drama? In day to day life we use it to point out a course of action which is without any motive and purpose. Were the revolutionary 49 days of the honest government in Delhi without any purpose and motive? Was Mr. Arvind Kejriwal sleeping on the roads in front of Rail Bhavan on dharna at night, in the 4 degree celsius temperature despite being in a poor health, without any purpose and motive! Certainly these courses of action were far away from being tainted as a drama. Want to see what drama is, should have contemplated the behavior of opposing politicians in live telecast of Delhi Assembly session. Drama is breaking the mic in the assembly, tearing the bill papers in the assembly, spraying pepper in parliament session. I know I cannot change the mentality of the people who call these 49 days as drama, but may be for myself satisfaction I am writing this answer. So now as I clarified why question was put up in wrong way, let’s look at the answer whether the resignation of Mr. Kejriwal made me happy or not.

The reason behind his resignation was failure to introduce the Jan Lok Pal Bill in the assembly due to the turbulence caused by opposition parties. If we look at this 49 days journey of the AAP government, they lowered the cutting edge corruption which took place at bureaucratic levels significantly. It was possible for them without making any changes in the system mechanisms. But heart of the problem was corruption taking place at the highest authority levels, which can’t be exposed so easily, they needed strong Jan Lokpal Bill desperately for that case. As they didn’t have considerable majority to pass this bill, it was clear these corrupt opposition politicians won’t pass the bill at any cost. Yes I am happy he resigned over this issue, because they lived up to their promises. But to fulfill this most important promise of bringing in Jan Lokpal Bill they need considerable majority, I am happy that they will do this when re-election takes place and they come into the power with full majority and pass these crucial bills without being dependent on other corrupt politicians in the assembly. When it was a reforming movement, politicians said first get elected, come into power and then talk. ‘Aam aadmi’ got elected and, ‘Aam Aadmi’ came into the power. They said you cannot govern, you don’t have experience, but he governed and delivered the promises with utmost honesty. Today they said you can’t pass Jan Lokpal Bill without our support, now he will come back into the power again with full majority and pass the anti-corruption bill. I am happy because they showed people that aam aadmi can govern and deliver if we have honesty, because honesty is the best policy and not the experience of governance. This was just a first step; it’s a long road ahead.

Posted by Hrishikesh Pawale

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